Gettin a pre workout adjustment :) (Taken with Instagram)

#coheed Monstar! Do to me the things I never wanted done. (Taken with instagram)

Kill The Burger King.


Hope. (Taken with instagram)

Childhood pastime. Now sophisticated with blueberry preserves. (Taken with instagram)

Your example will inspire others. (Taken with instagram)


My kinda fun. (Taken with instagram)


New Teapot (Taken with instagram)

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Lady Lifter Appreciation Night


Pretty sure I’d never give up lifting after this <3 


Seriously <3

On this topic…after I did my 200lbs deadlift, I actually had a guy (that I talk to at the gym and thought was nice) say

“I wouldn’t tell anyone you just did 200lbs for your Deadlift. Guys don’t want to hear that”

Ummmm actually? Eff you, the guys I’m into DO want to hear that. 

Ladies, show off your progress!

Truth. Strength = Beauty. I 100% support this. Get after it Lady Lifters!

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Chasing windmills

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